About the island

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Most of the time we have the island to ourselves. Just us – and the birds. In winter the only footprints on the beach are mine – and the birds.

We’ve spent the greater part of our time ‘island keeping’ in the Hauraki Gulf on a small, privately owned island.
It is a beautiful island with sandy beaches and takes about an hour to walk around at low tide, or to kayak around at high tide.

There is no stock on the island, so Nigel mows the grass.

We live in a small unit facing south west, looking out over the sea. We have solar and wind power for our lights and fridges, and gas for cooking and hot water.

The only vehicles on the island are a tractor, a ride-on lawn mower and a jeep (that replaced the quad bike after a year or so). There are no roads as such, but there are paved tracks.

There is no ferry service to the island, so we make our own way on and off the island by boat, weather permitting.

The island is a short boat trip away from another much larger island (where we keep a vehicle), with a small supermarket for supplies. The mainland is an hour ferry trip from this neighbouring island.


once upon an island

once upon an island

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