About the web series

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The idea for a web series of living on the island came up within months of arriving on the island, back in 2010. I was a year into a digital film course so it seemed a no-brainer. Island life provided heaps of story fodder and we found ourselves entertaining friends and family with island exploits. Nigel and I were a two-act show regaling the ‘moth story’ and had friends in hysterics, who said we should be writing a book or something. I was already writing articles to post up on a blog, but way too shy to publish them.

In 2011 I pitched the web series idea to SONY, for funding through one of their Make Believe funding programmes. With no luck.

In 2012 I finally made a rough trailer – but it pretty much was one island, one year, one couple and that was it. We had heaps of stories but no over-arching story. No beginning or end. It was just us doing our thing – big deal…

In the meantime, I filled up tape after tape with video footage as I wandered around the island, and snapped thousands of photos.

Work took over, and spare time was taken up with my film course. But I tinkered away at the website – started in 2010 (with a web series tab!), logo, domain names, blog entries (that I didn’t publish), twitter and facebook page.

In 2013 I submitted a proposal with NZ On Air for some web series funding; again without luck.

But in nutting out the proposal I finally had a light bulb moment with my story; and figured out my story arc (previously one of my sub-stories). And I’ve sorted out a prequel, (backstory) which cracks me up.

I know our weak point will be ‘acting’ – which seems to let down other low quality web series. So the story is part fiction, part non-fiction. A mash-up of drama, doco, reality show with a dash of humour.

Thinking of the quote “you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” –  I need to stop fussing (I’m not Spielberg) and just get on with it. And get over my inertia. Watch this space…



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