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Many people have romantic notions of what living on an island is like. It’s not all beach walks at sunset, nor is it surviving on coconuts. The reality is quite different.

Living on an island (or two) has fostered in us a keen interest in all things ‘island’; from books and movies about island living and castaways, to conservation and environmental issues for islands and wildlife. Our island obsession even has a word – ‘islomania.’

I always carry my camera with me wherever I go on the island, so I’ve accumulated over a hundred hours of video, and tens of thousands of photos. Most of the video is shaky and the majority of photos are out of focus.
But there are a few gems in there.

My goal, ever since arriving on the island when I was studying part-time for a Diploma in Digital Film, is to make a web series about island life. The actual format of the web series has changed and evolved as I’ve realised the limitations on resources available and my abilities.

We have many stories to tell and unique experiences to share about island life and the colourful characters we’ve met along the way.

We hope you’ll come on the journey with us, though our blog, our social media, our photos and web series.

WARNING: this blog and web series contains a serious amount of anthropomorphising.

Once Upon An Island


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