castawy moonpicI have discovered the best castaway movie. Ever.

Googling “Castaway Neflix” – looking for castaway movies; I noticed someone mentions the 2009 Korean “Castaway on the Moon” movie as a must watch. I’d never heard of it but after more googling, the movie gets rave reviews and 4 out of 5 stars.

The synopsis goes along the line of a man jumps off a bridge to commit suicide but washes up on a small deserted island in the Han River. He’s stranded on the island – but he’s watched by a woman in the city through her bedroom window; a room she has hasn’t left for three years.

Sounded like an intriguing story… and I was hooked from the beginning.

Castaway on the Moon is a delight, it’s warm, funny and quirky. The film is charmingly crafted and the story is beautifully told. The only negative is towards the end it goes on a bit too long.

I loved it from both a movie fan and a filmmaking perspective. (It was written and directed by Lee Hae-Joon – whom I can’t find anything about).

I loved how subtle shots of seeming minutiae all have meaning and are strands in the story, or symbolic in some way.
It’s a story of being alone, apart from the world – a castaway – in a world of your own – whether it’s on a deserted island or within the four walls of your own bedroom.

Interesting fact: Bamseom, the ‘deserted island’ – does in fact exist; it’s a pair of islands in the River Han, in Seoul, South Korea. A bridge passes directly over the islands but there is no access to the island so they are now a bird sanctuary.

I’m not going to spoil the ending – but when the castaway has to say good bye to his ‘duck bed’ it completely undid me. (That does sound wacky doesn’t it?)

I’m in love with this film – five stars from me.